Beloved Woman!  You are invited you to enter this portal of Belly Love:   a journey full of alchemy, transformation and radical self-love...take a step inside...We are happy to welcome you here!  Please note that deadlines for this application is November 8th....Now let's step inside, shall we?
enter belly love
We would love to hear more about who you are.  What is magnetizing your belly to follow you here:  What attracts you to enter this transformational journey with us?  Please feel free to share more about this inner-tug...and feel free to share more about yourself in the space below:

What excites you about this journey?

What fears come up inside of you by entering this journey into Belly Love?

Thank you for taking the time to share yourself...!  More information & details soon regarding our the meantime, bless!  VORFREUDE!

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